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Anita Prag
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Deciding to see a psychologist and finding the right one for yourself or loved one can feel quite daunting at first. A productive therapeutic process is founded on good rapport between therapist and client. It is through this relationship that difficult and often intolerable feelings; distorted thinking and behavioural patterns as well as dysfunctional interactive styles can be explored in a safe, non-judgemental empathic space. I aim to offer a containing atmosphere in which clients can learn about themselves and in turn improve the quality of their lives.

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa - PS0099694 and Board of Healthcare Funders.
I am contracted to all medical aids.

My Approach:

I take a collaborative approach when working with children and adolescents. A thorough intake is essential where I will ask many questions regarding your child's development and history of presenting complaint. I will at times need to speak to the main people that are involved in the child's life to plan the best possible intevention.

Similar approach applies with adults depending on the nature of the problem. While it is not neccessary to fixate on all the details of the client's history, I do need to develop a good understanding of the individual's life story. I am not the expert on your life, however, getting to know you is essential in order for our conversations to catalyse meaningful insights - making the unconscious conscious. Unfortunately, these insights do not magically change one's situation, so learning how to apply them can also be a goal of therapy. Each client is unique in their presentation. As such, I will tailor my approach using insight oriented psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioural techniques after a thorough assessment.

Anita Prag