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Happy Angels Daycare
Address 54 Hopkins Road,
Parow North
Telephone 021 8119713
060 820 9119
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Placing Your Angel in Happy Angels Daycare will leave you with a great peace of mind, your child (your most precious possession) will be in a save, loving, stimulating environment where we will take care of them to the best of our ability. The age appropriate stimulation we give your child will be monitored and you will receive a progress report once a term to see what the progress is with your little angel’s milestones and development.

All personnel are trained in first aid.

What do we offer?

We encompass the following major activities:

• Guided play and exploration with age appropriate toys.

• Easy-to-do exercises for baby to encourage the development of motor milestones.

• Stimulation of the senses

• Listening and moving to classical music, rhymes and songs.

• Activities to develop eye movements, focus and eye hand co-ordination.

• "Feely" experiences to educate the sense of touch, helping small hands become more skilled.

• Fun activities to encourage the pleasure of movement.

• Exciting movement experiences using novel play equipment

What are we all about…

Except from taking care of your little angel we are also going to stimulate your child with a play-activity programme specifically designed for children who are in the 2 month to 5 years age groups. We do lots of learn through play activities. And we give your child a home away from home, by not keeping them in one room the whole day but by having a rotation system in the school.

General Information


4 months to 5 years

Our times:-

Monday to Thursday 06h30 to 18h00
Fridays 06h30 to 17h30

Happy Angels is closed on Public Holidays, Weekends and from +/- 15th December till +/- 10th January.

How will my little angel benefit?

The programme has been created to enhance sensory-motor learning, essential to a young child’s development. By stimulating the senses and challenging physical abilities, children are encouraged to perceive, understand and act on the world around them. Through this programme, children establish a sense of self and learn how to relate to others, which affects their physical, mental and social competence throughout life. In the programme children not only gain physical skills, but also the ability to interpret and organise what they see, hear and feel.

Happy Angels Daycare
Happy Angels Daycare
Happy Angels Daycare