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Life is not measured by the breaths you take,
but rather by the moments that take your breath away.
- Unknown
Being involved with is such an adventure.

Our work is not work - it is a journey of meeting very special people taking care of our most precious gift, our children!

I have a 2½ year old kid who spent many days of his first 12 months in hospital. He had various ailments like RSV, bronchitis, reflux, to name only a few.

My husband and I felt as though we had bought 50% shares in the hospital. As first time parents, we were totally clueless.

We read every magazine, surfed every child related site on the net and tried desperately to empower ourselves for this little baby. No matter how hard we searched, by the time I had to go back to work when Philip was 6 months old, we could not find a small school to accommodate him.

I found a need for a publication and Internet site which offers information and services to parents to help them in the huge responsibility of parenting.

So, was born.

In my research, I have met the most amazing teachers, the most stunning daycare facilities and schools, as well as a load of services and suppliers.

On my visits to one of the schools, as we where walking on the playground, the teacher was grabbed by her legs on several occasions by different children, giving her hugs and just saying hello to her. The school was filled with happy and contented children, obviously being cared for by people who were dedicated to their profession.

This was so amazing! I knew right there and then, this adventure is just going to get better.

Bless all the wonderful guardian angels that are taking care of our precious little angels.

Jeanne Booysen