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Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School
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Address 15 Popham Street,
Table View
Telephone 083 712 0617
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It’s the little things that count!!!

About our school

Hug-a-bugs nursery school offers a happy first school experience to children between the ages of 2 and 5. When your child starts showing signs of wanting to interact with other children and needs more stimulation than what they are receiving at home then its time for nursery school! We offer fun, friends and learning in a relaxed environment with small classes and qualified teachers and assistants.

Weekly and daily activities

We follow weekly themes that cover children’s every day experiences as well as early learning areas. Our daily activities include story time and circle time where we discuss our weekly themes, learn the days of the week, months of the year, update our weather chart and tell news. We offer daily art activities and baking activities once a week allowing creativity and learning skills such as drawing and cutting. Music times include learning songs, playing with instruments, doing actions and moving to music while our weekly movement activity promotes development of physical skills. Most importantly there is ample time for indoor and outdoor play with loads of exciting and interesting toys and equipment. Equally as important is the opportunity to play with children of a similar age thereby learning important social skills.

Extra murals

We are currently offering Playball classes and are open to offer other extra murals should there be a demand.

We also offer

Weekly newsletters to keep parents informed as to our learning programs, events and day to day happenings, parent days at the end of each term, progress reports twice a year, professional class and individual photographs each year, bake/shop days, outings once a term and special fun days for the children at the end of each term.


Nursery school times are from 08h00 – 12h30 (arrival time is anytime between 08h00 and 09h00 and fetching time between 12h15 and 12h45)

Children must bring a snack and juice daily for our 10h30 snack time

Late Care times are from 12h30 – 14h30, children must bring a packed lunch

Aftercare times are from 12h30 – 18h00, lunch and snacks are provided

Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School
Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School
Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School