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Leigh Johnson
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Parents, would you like to:

• Parent with purpose – be more intentional and focused as a parent?

• Communicate more effectively with your family?

• Develop creativity in your children?

• Set better boundaries

• Organise your time better?

• Empower your children to solve problems?

• Develop confident compassionate, connected children?

Leigh Johnson

• Parents of preemies: Would you like to come to terms with the trauma and unexpectedness of your experience?

• Preparing to be a parent: Do you want to explore your expectations and prepare yourself better emotionally?

Or other possibilities...

Whatever your dreams for yourself as a parent or for your family, maybe it is time to explore Parenting Coaching as a way to achieve these goals - instead of just wishing for them?

Coaching is a facilitated conversation in which you are challenged and inspired to observe and understand patterns in your current parenting experience; and create and achieve goals for a way you would like to do better.

Spend some time in a non-judgemental, focused thinking environment where you start to develop the family life you would like!

About Your Coach

Leigh is a learning consultant with 11 years experience as a primary school teacher, 13 years experience as an adult learning designer and facilitator, 4 years experience as a life and business coach, and 8 years as a dialogue practitioner.

In addition, she is a mother to a beautiful 4 year old daughter who was born prematurely at 28 weeks gestation.

She is passionate about children, families and about assisting people to create their best lives.