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Letterland Educare Centre
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Address 109 Coatbridge Crescent,
Telephone 021 556 7302
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• Registered Independent WCED School (Grade R)
• Following the CAPS Curriculum
• Registered with Health Department
• Registered with Social Services
• 24 Hour CCTV Surveilence
• Cameras in every class
• Safe, Secure and Spacious Enviroment
• 4 large and separate play areas
• Qualified and Experienced Teacher
• Each class has 1 or 2 Full Time Assistants
• Up to date First Aid Qualifications
• Balanced and Nourishing Meals (We supply Breakfast, Lunch and Sandwiches)
• Weekly Themes and Full School Readiness Programme

Open throughout the Year, only closing mid December to early January each year.

Ages 6 months – 6 yrs
Grade R

Monday to Friday
06:30 – 18:00

Letterland Educare Letterland Educare
Letterland Educare Letterland Educare