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Milestones Academy is founded on the principle to provide quality education and to assist in ensuring children are developed to their full potential in their developing stages and most importantly, to ensure our kids are school ready. My passion for education and child development started at a very young age and as a graduated educarer and mother of two, I experienced firsthand the need to for quality education and professional schooling.

We are situated close to the N1 off Plattekloof Road which is ideal for parents traveling in both directions to town and the Northern Suburbs.


2 Years to 5 Years

School hours

Full day: 07h00 - 17h45 (Fridays till 16h30)
Half day: 07h00 - 12h30

Our Mission

At Milestones Academy we understand that children not only learn through play and activities, but it also shapes their personality and self-confidence. The 5 essential milestones on which our curriculum is based will ensure they are fully school ready when entering primary school. Our learning plan includes the following child development principals:

• Fine motor skills
• Gross motor skills
• Cognitive
• Social and emotional development
• Language development

Our children are the future and as parent and guardians it is our responsibility is to ensure we equip our children with the right foundation they will need to ensure they reach their full potential.

Learning Plan

From the age 2 – 5 years is the most important time of any child’s life. So we strive to fulfill all the milestones in their early years.
We focus on:-

– Art
– General knowledge
– Mathematics
– Language
– Sensory development


Every week there will be theme and we will do art according to that theme. With art they will learn about fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination and to be creative.

General knowledge

We will work around the weekly theme. For instance the theme is fruit all knowledge around fruit will be discussed.


Each week we do basic mathematics and number reconditioning.


Each week will take words that the theme is about and work with those words. The older learners will do letter reconditioning.

Sensory development

The learners will do fine motor skills like threading laces.


Activities for gross motor skills like playing outside games.

Make and baking

Every Friday is making and bake were we make something to snack on. With that the learner learns about measuring and also the different textures of food.

Entrepreneur’s day

We will do an entrepreneurs day every second Friday. Where each class has to bring either chips, sweets or cupcakes. Then the other children must bring a R2 to school to buy from the selling class. All the money made from the sales will contribute to making and baking.