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Parklands College

Crackerjacks Nursery

We know you only want the best for your little one. You want them to feel loved and secure whilst having the opportunity to explore their independence and to build their foundations for learning. Because we understand this, our nursery is overseen by nurturing nurses who provide an environment that is warm and caring and that is as home-like as possible. Small groups ensure individual attention and provide mums with peace of mind.

Christopher Robin Pre-Primary

"As our little learners embark on their journey through education, Christopher Robin Pre-Primary provides an environment that enables the learner to develop lasting impressions that will enhance their positive attitude to life-long learning. The classrooms are alive with the excited chatter of the children as they develop their skills and expand their minds. Their days are filled with creativity, music, discussion and play while exploring the how’s and why’s of space, road safety, seasons, stranger danger and much, much more!"

Junior Preparatory (Grade 1 – 3)

The early years of children’s formal education is the foundation upon which future academic and life skills are built. The Junior Preparatory Faculty believes children's natural curiosity and love of learning blossoms within a classroom that is supportive, dynamic, and gently challenging. While instruction is always in service of essential literacy and numeracy concepts and skills, the faculty enriches the national CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum with learning activities that invite children to explore the world from their unique vantage point. Children regularly use technology to work on projects in which they put the skills they learn to practical use and share their products with a wide audience.

Senior Preparatory (Grade 4 – 6)

The Senior Preparatory Faculty provides the important bridge from Junior Preparatory to the Secondary Faculty. As such, it continues to provide a nurturing environment where young learners grow into mature students. While following the national CAPS curriculum, teachers provide opportunities for learners to explore topics in depth, creating a space for more independent learning. The Senior Preparatory teaching activities develop academic and study skills that prepare children for the challenging learning activities offered in the Secondary Faculty.

Parklands College Secondary
(Grade 7 - 12)

The Secondary Faculty provides a distinctive academic experience for our students. The academic programme gives each learner a firm grasp of fundamental skills, the ability to think critically, innovatively, and independently, and fosters a love of learning. Teachers create learning activities that are motivational, technology-rich, and aligned to the needs of 21st century learners. Our teachers offer a challenging and stimulating education in an achievement-focused culture. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have high expectations of their learners. Each individual learner is valued, and student progress is closely monitored. The educators provide exceptional academic support, within the regular instructional programme and through additional tutorials that provide personalised learning support.




The Oyster Center (Remedial Learning at Parklands College)

The Oyster Centre at Parklands College provides an inclusive, supportive educational environment for Grade 1-3 learners with an average to above average intellectual ability, who are experiencing barriers to learning and requiring specialised and differentiated instruction. The educational programme fulfills the standards and requirements of the national curriculum, but is adapted to suit the individual needs of learners, providing a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning. Learners are fully integrated into the enrichment lessons (Music, Art, Drama, Robotics, Physical Education) and co-curricular programme of the College. Availability will be subject to enrolments.

Enrolments are now open for 2018 Grades 1-3, enrolments for Grades 4-6 will roll-out as of 2019.

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