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Parklands Educare and Pre-Primary
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Address 4 Claret Road,
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Telephone 021 556 4146 E-mail E-mail Web Site Our Website

What Makes Us Special

It is important to us that children grow and learn whilst having fun in an environment that enables them to develop a healthy self-esteem that results in happy, confident children.

We take the time to teach children morals & values as well as respect for self and others and accepting responsibility for actions. Ultimately, we aim to send balanced, well adjusted children out into the world.

Every day offers our new opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child.

General Information and Services

We operate Monday to Friday – 6:30am to 6.00pm.
We are open during all school holidays and only close for period between Christmas and New Year.
We offer a half day as well as a Full Day service.
The half day service strictly ends at 14:30pm.
We supply Breakfast & Lunch as well as teatime snacks consisting of sandwiches & Rooibos Tea. Our lunches are home cooked meals and the menu is displayed on our notice board.

Baby Care/Potty Trainers

Age Group 3 months – 18 months to 2 years (or until potty trained)
+/- 18 to 21 Children in this Age Group with 3 teachers and child minders.
Daily Group Routine with weekly theme related Activities (Creative & perceptual) Most activities take place in the morning and the rest of the day is left to free play, stories & songs.
We potty train consistently between activities at regular intervals.
2 Progress reports are provided during the year.
Potty Training is only started when your toddler is ready and your little one will only move to the next level when he or she is confidently independent in this area.


We have created an educare where children learn whilst having fun.
Our staff are well qualified and our classrooms are spacious and well equipped.
Age Group - 2 to 3 year olds and 3 to 4 year olds
+/- 22 children with a teacher and a class assistant.
Weekly Themes and Daily Routine incorporating activities such as morning ring, music & movement, creative expression, literacy and perceptual activities. Learning through play and exploring.
Optional participation in extra mural activities.
2 Progress Reports during the academic year


Age Group 4 to 5 year olds & 5 to 6 year olds
Approx 22 to 24 learners per class with a Teacher and an assistant teacher.
Literacy & Numeracy programs as per WCED curriculum.
4 Progress Reports with parent interviews during the academic year.
Preschool instruction hours are from 8am to 1pm.
Although this is when formal schooling starts, the preschool day is still aimed to be fun and children are encouraged to learn whilst exploring and playing


Although we have a disciplined environment we do realize that it is important for the children to enjoy themselves and try our best to cater for all interests.
Our facility is ideally situated in close proximity to the schools and we only close between Christmas & New Year.
Thus we are open during all the school holidays.
Age Groups: Gr R (Jnr & Snr) and Gr 1 to Gr 7
Primary School Children are dropped and collected from their schools daily.
We provide a cooked lunch.
One on one homework between caregiver & learner.
No homework done on Fridays as this is a Fun Day Holiday program with outings and activities during all school holidays

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