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St John's Road, Wynberg
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Springfield Convent School is a leading Independent Catholic Girls' School, which welcomes girls of all faiths and backgrounds to classes from Pre-School to Grade 12. The school was established in 1871 and is situated in magnificent grounds in the historic suburb of Wynberg.

A time-honoured tradition of academic prestige, sporting triumphs and solid values, with a spiritual approach that is all embracing, provides the basis for outstanding and balanced schooling. By providing these ingredients, we encourage our pupils to excel…..and that is precisely what excellence, and Springfield, is all about.

Junior School:

Junior School forms the second phase in the educational journey of our girls.  They embrace the transition from Pre-School to Junior School with excitement and fascination as they enter into a more formal learning experience, building upon the foundation already established within Pre-School.

Junior School welcomes girls from the age of six to an all encompassing learning process in which they acquire further skills in reading, writing and numeracy while witnessing to the values of truth, honesty, respect, compassion and kindness.

These values are strived for by observing our Dominican Motto, Veritas, meaning truth.  Our girls are nurtured, affirmed and challenged to reach their full potential in a spirit of co-operation whilst building a healthy self esteem.  We aspire to instil a sense of independence, self discipline and responsibility.

Mission Statement:

At Springfield, we value the uniqueness and importance of each person. We look upon education as an integrated whole, preparing our pupils to reach their potential - spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially - so that they may take their place in society.

Dominican Vision Statement:

Dominican schools aim to provide forward-looking education of the highest quality, based on a tradition that goes back over eight hundred years of commitment to education. Our schools seek to care for the whole person in order to develop in young people: a love of learning an enthusiasm for truth a love for others respect for the culture and religious values of all a willingness to serve in a spirit of healing and reconciliation, flowing from an appreciation of the Word of God and a deep commitment to Christ.