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Tiek Tok Speelgroep
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Address 18 Bosica Street,
Telephone 083 300 6181
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Dear Parents

Thank you for showing interest in Tiek Tok. We focus on different stimulation activities for optimal physical, emotional and cognitive development. Tiek Tok has English & Afrikaans friends that come and play, we always translate our learning to the child needs. Encouraging learning through play to reach developmental milestones.

What do our classes entail?

• Different theme projects
• Art activities
• Sensory perception (Smell, taste, hear, see & touch)
• Hand & eye coordination development
• Auditory perception (Dance & singing)
• Active language development
• Mental development
• Emotional & social development
• Physical development support (Fine & gross motor activities) Improves core strength Movement helps the auditory system process
• Activating the vestibular system Supports attention to task and cognition Supports visual processing and visual motor development
• Friday cooking classes "Bak & Brou"

Tiek Tok Playgroup

Ages: 1yrs to 4yrs

Investment A: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Investment B: 8:30am – 2:00pm (Includes Sandwich & Beverage)

• A safe & fun environment where they will receive the love & stimulation they need
• Safe playroom area inside & outside
• Individual support with learning activities
• Small group
• Pre-school curriculum
• We welcome children on nappies & potty trainers
• Assistant staff member
• ECD course Student
• First Aid CPR Course

Visit our Facebook Page for loads of photos, videos & updates: facebookTiek Tok Speelgroep


• Childs changing bag with all his/her necessities
• Small snack bowl. We encourage healthy eating
• Sippy cup with juice or water
• Extra pair of clothing in case of a mess


• 8:30 am – Drop Off
• 8:45 am – Gather all the little troops in playroom for some playing & learning time
• Each child will receive the stimulation they require.
  Toddlers will be given fun activities to help their cognitive development.
  Gross Motor Activities in Garden or playroom (Weather permitted)
  Singing & Moving time
• 10:30 – Snack time
• 11:00 am – Arts Crafts
• 11:30 am – Free play outside (weather permitted)
• 12:00pm – Pick Up Group A
• 12:15pm – Lunch Group B
• 12:30pm - Story & quiet time. (Sleep)
• 2:00pm – Pick up Group B

Tiek Tok Speelgroep Tiek Tok Speelgroep
Tiek Tok Speelgroep Tiek Tok Speelgroep
Tiek Tok Speelgroep Tiek Tok Speelgroep
Tiek Tok Speelgroep
Tiek Tok Speelgroep