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The Manual that never came with your child
Parents and caregivers who struggle to cope ...more

Bipolar Mood Disorder
in Children

Mental health is scary to talk about, ...more

Swimming is a vital life skill and all children .....more

Bipolar Kids and Teens
Leave me alone!!!! I want to die! ...more

About - PDD, Aspergers, Autism
Parents have been going to doctors, paediatricians, ...more

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Pregnancy is an unique and powerful experience ...more

Osteopathic Treatment for babies and children ...more
We endeavour to bring to your children, the best programme to develop their skills, both physically and mentally, and in doing so to encourage the importance of exercise amongst our youth, inspiring read more.....

The world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals.
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Speel Speel Slim
We follow the national early childhood development curriculum and pride ourselves on nurturing and stimulating children during this crucial development Read more